Karen McClelland Fine Art Dog Prints

Giclée prints are produced on watercolor paper and canvas, like the original paintings. This gives the artist's work a look and feel similar to the original work of art.

The word Giclée ( pronounce as "zhjee-clay") has been derived from the French word "gicler", which means 'spraying' or 'spurting' , to indicate a technique which uses non-interrupted streams of ink to get the four ink colours on the substrate.

A giclée is a high resolution digital print made from an archival ink and media combination. Giclée is also a recognized fine art print category like lithographs and serigraphs. Giclée is considered the world's best technique for reproducing original works of art and for printing digitally

Giclée prints look and feel like original art. Since giclée printmaking is digital throughout the entire process, there is much more control of color and greater opportunity for artist interaction. Color is much richer and more saturated than other types of printing. Prints are made on real artist materials such as watercolor papers and canvas. Prints are a combination of continuous tone and stocastic screen patterns which makes it difficult to distinguish between giclée prints and original artwork

Iris / Giclee prints have been shown in museum and galleries throughout the world:
National Gallery of Women in the Arts (Washington DC),
Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art,
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art,
The Metropolitan Museum (New York),
Zimmeerli Museum (Rutgers University),
The Butler Institute of American Art (Youngstown, Ohio),
and the British Art Museum

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